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Ask blog for E. Aster Bunnymund, book!verse + headcanon.
Asks are currently open!
The activity of this blog has decreased because my work schedule but I do my best to keep this going!

This is no longer a roleplay blog.
For roleplaying go here: hopbunbun

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(( I squealed out loud when I read this… and then some drawing followed. I’m also most certain that he has so many different colored pajamas, but naturally I see him wearing green. DEM EAR WARMERS THO ))



((Bunnymund and Sandy spend some time in a bar and get drunk. I’m 100% sure their drunk shenanigas ends when Sandy accidentally knocks them both out with his dreamsand.))

(( Our boys! Thank you so much for drawing this :3: It’s just as I imagined. SANDY HAS HIS HAT AND BUNNY HAS SANDY’S GOGGLES I caaaan’t— ))

Bunnymund & Trick, First introduction

Bunnymund sat still on the grass. His long ears pointed upwards and moved ever so slightly when he stared at the small dark creature in the shade of the tree. A closer look at this Fearling revealed that he was nothing but a child! [X]

(( A drawing inspired by a roleplay between Ask-Trick and I. This blog is one of my favourite roleplay/ask blogs ever, so I wanted to draw something for the wonderful Mun! ))

(Nice, artwork you get better every time.)

(( Thank you dear U3U ))

HUG* It’s Hug-a-Mun day, and this is just a note to say thank you for being a genuinely sweet Mun, and being so wonderful to your followers and RP partners! Send this hug to some other deserving Muns!

(( Thank you ;3; I’m so glad you think I deserve this. I try my best with updating this blog but sometimes I’m just too busy or not in the mood for drawing, and I’m sorry if it seems like I never update… If you guys wish to see more of my Bunnymund related stuff, you can always follow my roleplay blog, too! ))

(( Again, thanks <3 ))

(( Anonymous, your message made me very happy, it was so sweet! So, here’s a drawing of Aster’s mom Caitlin :3 I hope you like it! ))

(( The "About" page is up again! Also, we have 250 followers now — let’s keep the number growing :D ))

Your cosplay is awesome! *hugs* you're so cute!

// D’aaaw :3: Thank you! I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my outfit, tho. Especially the ears — oh my god, they were a pain in the ass…